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July 2, 2014



Q. We are new to the area, and our kids are excited about fireworks! They were not allowed in our previous community, so we thought that you, as a person in Real Estate, might know the best place to buy fireworks. Is this a reasonable question? J.B. Rio Vista

A. Yes, I guess Realtors kind of get around, so all kinds of information passes through our office. For fireworks, special permits have to be obtained, and the designated sales time is only 1 week!

As a member of the local Lions Club, I can tell you that for 40 years our group has had a fireworks booth each year. ALL the proceeds from our sales profit goes back to the community, supporting the less fortunate, sponsoring scholarships, supporting the Scouts, Rio Vista Care, and a myriad of groups and causes to make people's lives a little better.

You'll find our booth in Lira?s parking lot off Highway 12 next to the health care office, staffed by Lion volunteers in the evenings and the Booster club during the day. We used to be the only booth in the area, but now we have a lot of competition, so come by and check our great selection and buy your fireworks from Rio Vista Lions Club. Remember, the profit, all of it, goes back to the community!

While at the booth, check out the pre-packs, they?re a better value than buying individually.

Q. After my purchase of a new home, I found the A/C was not connected, and none of the appliances were plugged in. Shouldn't this be the responsibility of the Realtor to insure things work properly? T.J. Rio Vista

A. Since none of this was discovered, I can presume you elected not to get a home inspection since the home was new, right? Even new homes can have problems, and had you made the inspection, your Realtor could have made up a repair order to have the builder fix things before you close escrow and move in.

Your Realtor does have some responsibility to  what they can see; a visual inspection, not systems operation. The appraiser as well will look for obvious visual anomalies, but does not operate the systems that are present.

I'm sure your builder will hook things up, but now not only are you inconvenienced, you might wonder what else is wrong!

We have seen home inspections reveal as much on a new home as with a resale home, and the report gives you an intelligent base to work from while your home is in the warranty period, rather than waiting for a system to fail later and be told the warranty has expired!

Catch the problems now; the cost is only $300-$400 depending who you use, a low price for peace of mind.

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