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Q. I’ve called the police to report your wife’s belligerent attitude when I admonished her regarding your dog peeing on my building. Since I’m a business and deal with the general public, urine odor is not an attractive draw for customers. I hope the police remove that animal from your obvious lack of care. Unhappy Business Owner

A. Yes, I am aware as the dog pee police came to my office to follow up. My wife’s accounting is the same in some areas but different in others than your accounting of events. Since I have told your story, here’s mine: my wife agreed about your pee complaint, apologized and assured you it would not happen again. Then you accused her of not picking up dog poop in the entryway, and my wife tried to explain that was not our dogs. The poop in question was old, had been stepped in, and was quite large. I don’t have a degree in scatology, but neither my 6# dog nor my 20# dog could produce anything that large.

You wouldn’t know my dog’s habits, but if they drop we pick up, always have.

When I was in the building where the book store is now, we had a problem with people urine and vomit, dog poop and urine, and I never gave a thought to calling the police. Our proximity to local bars explained some of the issues, and the high density residential abutting downtown had animals leaving lots of samples. I simply hosed it off and cleaned it up.

My location now is a dog pee target, so I hose frequently and use dog repellent products to get the dogs to change their habits. It’s working.

Some dogs, like people, are obnoxious, but the majority of critters are just out to stretch their little legs and have a nice walk, a nice poo, and some nice pees.

My dogs tend to hold it until they get a walk, so when at our office they are taken to the park first where their “business” is thoroughly picked up. Their pee jobs after that are mostly “markers” and often they raise a leg and nothing comes out.

By the way, my dogs have been through behavioral training and command and response training, are well adjusted, have their shots would love your pets!

They like to sniff and “read pee mail” and frequently mark that spot. So, once 1 pees, they all stop there.

I can understand your frustration about cleaning up after other people’s dogs; not to fond of that myself. On a recent walk in Trilogy, while picking up for my dogs I observed an owner with a large dog that was walking away from his dog’s enormous deposit on a lawn. I caught up to him, tried to hand him a bag and told him I would hold his dog while he picked up. He refused and walked away! I picked it up, it was a 2 bagger!

My wife, by the way, is a type ”B” personality; laid back, compassionate, thoughtful, and understanding. I believe you embellished on what was said to initiate a police response. You succeeded in upsetting my wife when all you had to do was say “please keep your dogs away from my store”. No pets for you!

I’m going to ignore your threat about removing my dogs; that’s just not going to happen.

Q. Why do so many people walk their dogs Downtown? M.C. Rio Vista

A. Simple, in a small community the small downtown area is surrounded by residential, and leads to the river, a nice place for a stroll. The problem is inattentive pet owners that don’t pick up. The City has installed trash receptacles, has pick up bags, and people just don’t bother to be responsible. So, keep your camera handy! Take pictures of offenders for proper public embarrassment.

Posted on May 1, 2019 at 12:21 pm by Sam Richards

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