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Q. I suppose that as a Realtor you are familiar with all the streets in town; I’m new here and Trilogy with its winding streets keeps me guessing. I have to refer to their map constantly while curiously viewing the community. Have you ever had a problem there? A.S. Rio Vista

A.Boy howdy! When I first started showing homes in Trilogy I was wearing out maps, and many new streets were not yet mapped, so showing homes was a bit embarrassing with clients in the car. I have to say that people were very patient even though I became lost. My car had navigation, but to my dismay, Trilogy was not on the program! I took the car back to Abel and they gave me a free upload to a newer version, still no Trilogy. My current car has Trilogy on the Navigation, but now I know all the streets!

I had one instance years ago where my client wanted me to preview a home that had just popped up for sale in Trilogy. I called the Realtor who said no sign or lockbox was up yet, but she would meet me there for the preview. I had the right house #, but wrong street! When I pulled up (I had never met this Realtor) I noticed the front door was open but there was a security screen; I tried the screen and it was unlocked. I proceeded to let myself in, immediately encountered a robed woman who was somewhat speechless. I presumed she was the owner, identified myself and told her I was there to tour her home. She gathered her wits and asked me what address I thought I was in, and after some realization on my part that I was in the wrong house, my embarrassment was epic. The woman was kind and gave me directions.

While on this subject, I was showing homes in Lodi many years ago to a client in construction. He wanted to view a home at 6AM listed as vacant, then get on to work. I met him at the house and the electronic lockbox would not open. I called for tech service and learned that the boxes have a time set, usually 8AM to 8PM. My client said he would wait, so I took him to breakfast and we lingered and chatted. Promptly at 8AM I was at the lockbox and accessed the key, letting my client and myself in. We viewed the home and lastly went to the master bedroom where I heard water running; sure enough there was a woman in the shower! I grabbed my client by the arm and we quickly made a tiptoe exit.

In the car I called the listing agent to be told, “oh yeah, she is a short term renter”. I told him he might want to note that on the listing rather than showing it as vacant!

Lastly, Oxbow Marina is a development of 95 manufactured homes where you own the land and there are no HOA or CC&R dues to pay. All homes back up to Georgiana Slough, a natural waterway that runs from the Sacramento to Mokelumne rivers. The Georgiana is, without a doubt, one of the prettiest rivers in the entire Delta 1500 mile network. I was working with a demanding client that wanted waterfront and absolutely no manufactured homes! We looked at Walnut Grove, Long Island, The Delta Loop, and one on Terminous Rd. Having exhausted homes to show this quiet reserved woman, I said look, I only have one other to show you and it is a manufactured home in Oxbow Marina.

She quietly viewed the home and migrated to the back deck. A large yacht was in the distance coming our way. As it drew close, on the fly bridge I could see 2 guys drinking from martini glasses, and on the bow a woman gyrating to the quite loud music. She was naked. As the boat passed, I looked at my client and her lower jaw had actually dropped! I thought that we were done, so I told her that looked like a party I could enjoy, but now I’m too old! As we walked to my car, my client commented that her husband would like it there, and she ended up buying the place!

You just never know!

Posted on January 23, 2019 at 11:32 am by Sam Richards

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